LP Americana LP1438 Wire Cajon

Front plate: Handselected Exotic Lyptus Shell: 11-ply handselected Baltic Birch Type: Wire (Puresound Custom Brass Snares) Adjustability: No Dimensions: 19"/11 7/8"/11 3/4" Angled corners for comfortable sitting Made in USA
kr 3 590
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LP Cajon Castanet LP433

kr 145
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LP Cajon Hi-Hats LP1510

Exclusive LP designed cajon mounted hi-hats
kr 1 410
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LP Large Cajon Castanet LP434

kr 160
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Meinl JBC6EY Bass Cajon med Seider Pedal, Ibehholt Front

Meinl Ebony Bass Foot Switch Cajon - JBC6EY. The MEINL Ebony Bass Foot Switch Cajon features a foot activated snare switch. By pushing on the switch, players can alter the amount of pressure the internal snares have on the playing surface, and the snares can be turned off completely. Great for switching between Flamenco and Peruvian cajon styles. An ebony frontplate has rich sounds with plenty of response. The Baltic birch resonating body gives the cajon focused attack with a wide dynamic range of highs and lows.? FEATURES: Foot activated snare switch. Extra wide body for deep bass. Great for Flamenco or Peruvian styles. MATERIAL. Frontplate: Ebony. Resonating Body: Baltic Birch (Betula pendula). WIDTH: 13 1/4". HEIGHT: 19 3/4". DEPTH: 13 1/2". COLOR: Ebony.
kr 2 995
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PJ Standard Cajon inkl. bag

kr 1 599
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