Admira A20 Klassisk Gitar

kr 10 995

Alpha 25K Potentiometer Small Audio, 16mm., 10mm. bushing, M7x0,75

kr 39

Alpha ALPS500-A48 Potmeter 500k/small/Audio

kr 29

Altamira N100E Klassisk Gitar med Mikrofon og Preamp

ALTAMIRA N 100 E Med Fishman pickupsystem m/tuner og balansert utgang
kr 4 995

Altamira N100+ Klassisk Gitar

ALTAMIRA N 100 Topp: Hel Seder Sarg/Bunn: Mahogany med lønn som kantlist Hals: Mahogni Gripebrett: Rosentre Hardware: Krom
kr 2 995

AP BN 0205-B00 Bone Nut Curved Bottom Fender®

kr 75

AP BN 0298-B00 Bone Nut Shaped for Martin® Guitars

kr 67

AP BP 0535-001 ABR-1 (BS010) Sadler (6) Nickel

kr 150

AP EP 0220-B08 Messing Potmeter Hylser

kr 10

AP EP 0285-000 250K Push/Pull Audio Taper Pot

250K push / pull audio taper potentiometer. Threaded portion is approximately 9.35 mm diameter. 35mm from bottom of pot to top of threaded portion. Pulls out 4 mm. Includes nut and washer.
kr 200

AP EP 0296-000 500K Push/Push Pot

kr 260

AP EP-4386-B00 CTS 500k Vintage Style Split Audio Potmeter, Knurled Shaft

kr 75

AP EP 4685-000 250K Audio Pot, 3/4" Long

250K Audio Pot, 3/4 Long Threaded Bushing, CTS, 24 spline split shaft, with hardware
kr 115

AP MK 3150-002 Short Gold Dome Knobs (2) w/Set Screw,

kr 230

AP PG 0552-052 Pick Guard Strat® Dark BK Pearloid 3-ply

kr 830

Batteriholder til Akustisk Preamp

kr 90

Blackstar Handle "Dog-Bone" HT-5/VENUE SERIES

kr 105

Boston 028-2M Mekanikk til Klassisk Gitar(Stålstrengs), Krom med Krom Ører, 2 hull

Boston mekanikk for klassisk gitar, stål skaft, 2 hull, 3x venstre+3x høyre, 60mm, krom, krom knapper
kr 390

Boston 129-G Mekanikk til Klassisk Gitar(Nylonstrengs), Gull

Boston mekanikk for klassisk gitar, nylon skftt, 3x venstre+3x høyre, 70mm, gullfarget, pearloid knapper, med Lyre
kr 395

Boston 88-CLR Mekanikk for Bass Gitar, 2L + 2R, Krom

kr 750

Boston AW-400-B Tremolo Arm Topp, Sort

Boston AW-400-B tremolo arm cap. black
kr 18

Boston CDR-223 Capacitor. 0.022 Microfarad. Tone control for Stallion mode

kr 5

Boston EP-FB Gitar Reimfeste, Black, 2-pack

Strap buttons, metal, black, with screw, v-model, diameter 14mm, 2-pack
kr 110

Boston EP-FEW Endpin Filt, Sort

kr 6

Boston EP-FG Gitar Reimfeste, Gold, 2-pack

Strap buttons, metal, chrome, with screw, v-model, diameter 14mm, 2-pack
kr 110

Boston EPJ-45C Endpin Jack, Lodding 6,3mm Hun Jack, Krom

Endpin Jack, Lodding 6,3mm Hun Jack, Krom
kr 120

Boston EPJ-67G Endpin Jack, Lodding 6,3mm Hun Jack, Gold

Endpin jack, lodding 6,3mm hun jack, Fast jack plate, gold
kr 145

Boston EP-LC Gitar Reimfeste, Chrome, 2-pack

kr 60

Boston Gitar Patroner, Hvit med Sort Prikk

kr 10

Boston Gitar Patroner, Sort med Hvit Prikk

kr 10

Boston JP1B Jack Plate Rektangulær, Sort

kr 29

Boston JP1C Jack Plate Rektangulær, Chrome

kr 29

Boston JP3B Jack Plate Oval, Sort

kr 25

Boston JP3G Jack Plate Oval, Gold

kr 25

Boston JP4C Jack Plate Tele, Chrome

kr 20

Boston JP5B Jack Plate LP Rektangulær, Black

kr 27

Boston KB130T Bell Knob, Tone, SG Modell, Sort med Krom Top

Boston KB-130-T bell knob SG model. black with chrome cap. tone
kr 49

Boston KB-225 Dome Knob, Sort med Set Skrue

Dome knob, metal, diam 15,0mmx15,0mm, with set screw allen type, shaft size 6,1mm, black
kr 47

Boston KB-235 Dome Knob, Sort, Push On

dome knob, metal, diam 19,0mmx19,0mm, push on, shaft size 6,0mm, black
kr 47

Boston KB244T Strat Potmeter Knott Tone, Sort

kr 25

Boston KB244V Strat Potmeter Knott Volume, Sort

kr 25

Boston LB360-IN Knott til 3-veis Bryter Tele Type, Sort

Boston LB-360-IN switch cap Teaser barrel model. fits CRL 4.8mm blade. black
kr 15

Boston LB390IN Knott til 5-veis Mikrofonvelger, Sort

kr 18

Boston SH-2-N Strengetre med Nylon Skive og Skrue, Nickel

Strengetre med Nylon Skive og Skrue, Nickel
kr 28

Boston SH-8-C Strengetre med Skrue og Avstandsskive, Cylinder Modell, Krom

Strengetre med Skrue og Avstandsskive, Cylinder Modell, Krom - høyde 6,5mm
kr 45

Boston SP-50 Tremolo Fjærer, Standard, 3-pack

kr 60

Boston ST-313-B Plekter Brett Strat, 3 ply, Black, SSS, 3 pot

Boston ST-313-B pickguard. Stallion. standard. SSS. 3 pot holes. 3-5 switch. 3 ply. black
kr 225

Boston ST-413-PB Plekter Brett Strat, 4 ply, Pearl Black, SSS, 3 pot

Boston ST-413-B pickguard. Stallion. standard. SSS. 3 pot holes. 3-5 switch. 4 ply. Pearl black
kr 425

Boston SW-145-W 5-veis Bryter, Åpen Modell. 1 5/8" spacing. med Hvit Topp

Boston SW-145-W lever switch 5-way. open model. 1 5/8 inch spacing. with white cap 1 5/8 inch spacing, made in Korea
kr 95

Cort Action JJ El.Bass Gitar, Sort Open Pore(CF)

kr 2 199

Cort Action PJ El.Bass Gitar, Sort(CF)

kr 1 979

Cort AD880CE NAT Western Gitar med Cutaway og Pickup, Natur, med bag

kr 2 479

Cort AF-510N Folk Gitar, Natur Open Pore(CF)

kr 1 399

Cort CEC5NAT Klassisk Gitar med Cutaway og Mikrofon

kr 3 959

Cort CM-A100TR Mandolin, Transparent Red

kr 1 675

Cort Earth 100NAT Western Gitar, Natur, High Gloss

kr 3 289

Cort Gold-06 OM Gitar, Natur med Koffert(CF)

kr 6 589

CTS Potmeter 250kA Audio .375" 3/8", USA

250K audio potentiometer, standard length bushing .375", 3/8" diameter Value: Typically 250K pots are used for single coil pickups and 500K pots for humbucker pickups. The bigger the resistence value, the brighter the sound will be/ less highs will bleed off. 1MEG can be used to make humbuckers sound brighter. Taper: The taper of a pot refers to the way its resistance changes as the shaft is rotated. A linear taper pot will work in a linear way related to shaft rotation. As the human ear is not linear in response to increasing volume an audio or logarithmic pot will work best for volume applications. Shaft: A split, knurled shaft will hold most knobs. Sometimes the knob is mounted using a set screw. You should order a solid shaft pot, or align the set screw with the split for correct mounting. Bushing: The standard bushing diameter is 3/8" or 9,5mm, used in most made in USA guitars. Another industry standard is M8, as used by guitar builders outside of the USA. When space is limited mini pots are used with a shaft diameter of 7mm. The standard bushing length is .375" for inch type pots and 10mm for metric type pots. Using two nuts it is very easy to set the correct bushing length for knob placement. Specially for pickguard (ST, PB) or control plate mount (TE, JB) the .250" short bushing will fit perfectly using only one nut. For use with a thick or carved top (LP USA) you should order a bushing length of .750". CTS is (and has been since the 50's) a factory standard for most USA brands like Fender and Gibson. Alpha is a good alternative, nowadays used as a factory standard by Ibanez, Epiphone and Squier.
kr 110

Dahung El. Bass Mekanikk Diecast 4 i Linje, Chrome

kr 325

D'Andrea Finger Plekter

kr 25