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• Model: Tenor • Tuning: GCEA • String Set: High G
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Thundergut is a special very elastic and dense material developed by us in our headquarter that assure superior performances over the common polyuretane and silicon rubber bass strings available in the market. - Thundergut assures fast and stable intonation, low adhesion under the right hand fingers, and powerful performances.
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Oasis UK String S/C/T DBL SET Bright High G The first thing you will notice about Oasis Fluorocarbon Ukulele strings is their length (63"). This length is at least twice as long as the length needed to string a concert, soprano or tenor ukulele. Cut the string in half with a scissors and you have two sets of strings. Use one set now and save one for later, or use the second set on another ukulele. Working with a leading ukulele internet forum Oasis have developed two types of strings: warm or bright. Either type is available with either a high or low G string. The high G string is fluorocarbon while the low G is nylon core with copper/silver wrapped wire. The string specifications are listed below: UKE 8000 bright with high G A/1st. 0215", E/2nd .027", C/3rd .030", G/4th . 023" with enough length for two ukuleles.
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