Adamas 1616NU Nuova Ph. Bronze Coated 12-strengs Gitar Strenger, Light .010-.047

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- The legendary Adamas Phosphor Bronze strings, now available Nuova Coated
- solid brass ball-end, E6 and A5 string cores and wrapping with identical diameters
- Composite gauging: A5, G3, and H2-strings are thinner than the gradation of other manufacturers
- High-End Premium Phosphor Bronze, coated
- ultra-thin nano-coating less than 1 Micron = 0.001 mm is applied to the winding wire and core before the string is wrapped.
- Specially modified coating - alloy with high copper content
- Warmer, fuller, earthier tone
- Environmentally-friendly packaging, strings shrink-wrapped against tarnishing
- with ADAMAS NUOVA sticker

- 1818NU Light .012 .015 .023w .032w .044w .053w